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Ver. 7 of medical sofware is released more...
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The shipment of equipment for nuclear power plant more...
Ver. 6 of medical sofware is released more...

Automated radiation environment monitoring system of Volgodonskaya NPP

An example of informational projects - Upper-level computer complex (ULCC) of Automated Radiation Environment Monitoring System (in Russian -- ASCRO) of Volgodonskaya NPP, designed on base of PAMIR® computer equipment. ULCC solves tasks of reception of the data from subsystems of lower layer (meteorological complex, industrial site of NPP, sanitary-protective zone of observation, ventilation tube, automated radiation monitoring system AKRB), the forecast of radiation environment, archiving of the received data, data representation on the monitor and map-board and signaling system about error conditions and malfunctions.

ULCC of ASCRO includes central supervision post (CSP) and 2 automated workstations based on PAMIR-RM-09 integrated in LAN of ASCRO. In CSP, data acquisition from meteorological complex, posts in sanitary-protective zone, sensors on industrial site of NPP and AKRB system is made, and also control of map-board is carried via serial ports RS-232/485. The automated workstations carries out displaying of observation data and diagnostic information of system state.

The accent of the implemented system is an installation of object inter-coupler units (RS-485, RS-232) into PAMIR-RM and development of the software servicing them. System and test software, including modules of support and diagnostic of equipment for tests and start-up and adjustment works, is implemented on Intel-Linux platform. Applied software (AS) is platform-independent - it is written in Java/C languages and works equally on operating systems Solaris, Linux and Windows. AS is modular (key parts of AS are organized as application servers of and their clients) and distributed (servers and their clients can be launched on the arbitrary computers), enabling stage by stage upgrade and update of system.

Computerised Information / Safety Panel System of Kalinin NPP Unit 1

An example of most complex informational projects in the field of atomic industry - Computerised Information / Safety Panel System (CI/SP System) transferred into industrial operation on Kalinin NPP Unit 1.

The CI/SP System has two levels:

  • Level 1 - the complete set of the equipment which carries out all operations of the acquisition of the data about technological process (a receipt, primary processing and transfer to the top level of the information from sensors and devices of communication with object);

  • Level 2 - computerized system which carries out functions of data calculation / analysys, the human-machine interface and data transmission (to NPP network, to one local crisis center and to remote one).

The project was performed by ASE Group in a consortium with Tecnatom (Spanish company) within the TACIS Project R1.03/02B where ASE Group has acted as a supplier and the Technical Coordinator of the project with a participation of Rosenergoatom and VNIIAES.



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